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We finished a series of posts describing our first working version of tests on Java and needed a break to decide what to publish next.
At this stage our writings are memoirs – we describe what we have done using our internal forum and SVN. Very soon a publication process will go in sync with code writing. Please do not expect many posts from us. We are also working on our customers systems and we build our own bootstrapped web service but process will continue until all Recruiting application will be tested from start to finish.

If you would want to ask us about PHP version of test we would tell you that Alena lost interest and left Deep Shift Labs ‘scene’. As French say “c’est la vie”.

The PHP version in our public SVN repository is working and roughly functionally matches revision 54 in Java we described in “Creation – Day 1″. We will try to continue developing it further just because we love PHP.

So we are planning to publish following posts next.

Review – What is ‘fatal’ in tests? What are the events which should stop all tests?
Review – Is ‘Login’ an object or not? Decided to add ‘Login’ into a list of Recruiting application objects and discussing how to test it. Should we allow other objects to use new ‘Login’ object or not?
Review – It is all about logs. What should perfect logs look like? How logging sub-component should operate to produce ‘plasticine’ suitable for conversion to a thriller by reports?
Review- Little things. How Selenium ‘sees’? Does it make sense to start tests before all elements will be loaded? Using heuristics as an alternative. Being a paranoid tester – we choose another path.
Creation – Day Two. Code comments and functionalities comparison for current version of Java tests from creators of “Creation – Day One”.

While I was re-reading our forum and thinking about our next posts I have been visited by muse who gave me an idea to change our Archive page to store not only past posts but future ones too. Thank you to Alex Bronzoff who, as always, perfectly transformed my ugly sketches into fine comics.

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