Element-ary tree by Alena

Our ‘Analysis’ tree has bloomed and blossomed. QA gurus and wanna be testers stop and relax in its shadow. Here you go – another excursion from Junior Tester Club is approaching. Let’s listen…

‘Wind of Test’ circa 1999-2009 by SalesForce
Donated by ‘Deep Shift Labs Still Pictures’

- Your attention kids, here you can see a Great Tree of SalesForce Elements. The one who will touch all its leaves will become enlightened with a relationship of elements in Recruiting application. As you can guess, leaves do represent elements of SalesForce platform.

- M-i-i-i-ss Sm-i-i-i-th, why do leaves grow on a different branches?

- Leaves growing on the same branch are having the same properties, Todd. For example, leaves on branch GenericNumber will not accept any data except digits. Leaves on a branch GenericString will allow to enter any symbols.

- M-i-i-i-ss Sm-i-i-i-th, what about leaves growing on a trunk? Are they very special?

- This is, Lisa, leave-elements with their own data format. Do you you remember our last class? What was the difference between Email and Date and other elements?

- May I, may I!! Email must have at-sign character, you know the one with ASCII 64 value and dots and date must be with numbers and slashes.

- Very true, Milhouse. Elements Picklist, Lookup and Checkbox are even more different, aren’t they?

All kids together:
- Y-e-e-e-s!

- Look at it once again, try to memorise each and every leave and… Let’s go I want to show you very young bushes of smoke-tests.

I follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of
… test

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