Running Selenium IDE tests without IDE

Running Selenium IDE without IDE

We are glad to introduce the Selenium IDE formatter for Nerrvana.

What is Nerrvana? Nerrvana is a cloud service which allows you to run functional and cross browser Selenium tests on demand.

We hope it will help those who use the Selenium IDE to create and run tests or monitoring scripts in our cloud, and help you to transition from recording tests in the IDE to writing much more powerful and easy to maintain tests in Java.

Use 720p for the best quality

If there will be a demand from our clients we will extend the framework to create reports in the same format for tests generated by the Nerrvana Selenium IDE formatter.

Even though Selenium IDE tests have some limits it won’t compromise the quality of the reports you see and will minimise the time you spend to analyse them.

So please register your free account and give it a try.

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