Virtualizer toolbox – install Win 7 on Xen

Virtualizer toolbox - install Win 7 on Xen

This post continues our two recent posts where we explained how to install Xen and minimise Windows 7 to make it ready for Selenium testing. We cut out as many components and services as possible, because we are going to only use browsers.

As we have Xen installed and the Windows 7 install image – today, we will complete our story and show you how to install Windows 7 on Xen. This same process can be used to install standard Windows 7 but you will need to allocate more space (file or logical volume) and more RAM.

In our Xen installation post we already created a logical volume …

#lvcreate –size 7G –name win7 vg0

… launched a VNC server, connected to CentOS with VNC Viewer, launched Virtual Machine Manager and, finally, pressed the ‘New’ button.

From this point forward everything is very simple.

Step 1 - Virtual Machine Creation

Step 2 - Virtual Machine Name

Step 3 - Virtualization Method

Step 4 - Installation Method

This file is the Windows 7 install image that we created. If you use the original install disk, you will need to make the ISO file and put it on your Linux file system.

Step 5 - Installation Media

We install it on the logical volume we created earlier.

Step 6 - Storage

Step 7 - Network

Step 8 - Memory and CPU allocation

Step 9 - Finish Virtual Machine Creation

Installation begins …

Win 7 install is running now

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