Purpose by Igor

Our internet application software development has grown from something small and evolved into something larger than we ever imagined. With 400,000 lines of code today and this figure increasing every day, our initially elegent solution has grown beyond the testing process initially used to ensure that our software interfaces are both easy to use and secure for our valued internet users.

 There are significant costs in remediating internet applications when malicious users decide to attack, is costly to the developer, the company, and the customer alike, as the application is taken offline for repair, or rolled back to a previous release. With the customer and developer unhappy with these new bugs, there has to be a better way to test new features and interfaces.

 With significant cost and time investments required to design and tune an automatic testing system, many companies may prefer to use the people most familiar with the code to test and repair the code. We acknowledge that automatic testing systems can certainly deliver long term gains, and such systems may themselves become a product that can be resold to other companies who are also struggling with the same decision. Only the future holds the answer to how this challenge will be addressed.

 To start developing such automatic testing solutions, we are aiming to understand the common problems and as a collective, we can organize our thoughts and ideas into solutions. With these solutions, we can aim to start developing the framework and solutions to ensure any internet applications integrity in the demanding 24×7 internet environment.

 The aim of this blog is to document our journey of exploring automatic testing, and we invite everyone who is interested to contribute to our effort or even just share in this experience that we are about to undertake. This blog will document our journey from conception to solution. It will stand as a living document to where we’ve been and where we are headed.

 This project has not come easy, and we would like to sincerely thank the companies and individual contributors, who continue to help us achieve our goal. It is our aim that the blog will be published in both Russian and English, but be prepared for the possibility that they may not always be in sync.

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