Questions to the reader by Alex

As you already should know, we are mastering the uneasy field of automatic testing with the use of the Selenium Grid. We report our progress regularly in our blog. One of the beautiful things that makes testers very happy is tests being run on time unattended. We also want a small piece of joy for ourselves and decided to make a sheduled launcher.

Doing something for yourself is a dream for any professional, and we are among them. The feeling of power puffs up and overshadows the fact that we have no idea how to build a proper interface for it. One thing is for sure the process of making the schedule must be very simple, intuitive and allow to deal with most of the real life scenarios easily. Because our experience in Selenium testing isn’t very extensive, we could make an interface which suites only us. On the other hand we became interested how the people who have used Selenium for a long time with real applications. Then we came up with an idea – ask the reader.

1. If we gave you this interface for making a schedule, what would you add or take away?
Scheduler for Selenium

2. How often do you run tests and how long do they work for?

3. Everybody knows that Selenium is used for functional testing. Do you use Selenium for substandard tests? If yes which one(s)?

Thank you for your help.

If you have a picture of the interface please send it to If you want everyone to see your creation – place it in an easily accessible place (file or photo sharing site) and add a link in the comments below.

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  1. Dmitry says:

    Я делаю это все Hudson-ом :)

  2. Alex says:

    Может, это и мелочь, но я бы заменил названия дней на (как мне кажется) более привычные Пн, Вт, Ср, Чт, Пт, Сб, Вс.
    Кроме того, я бы добавил в поля для времени начала и “Запускать каждые” Spinner, чтобы можно было покликать на стрелки, выбрав нужное значение

  3. Igor says:

    Скоро вы сможете поработать в уже созданной системе. По иронии от дней недели там осталось по одной букве. Язык интерфейса – английский.