WordPress and Answers integration - plugging Answers to WordPress
Mantis and Answers integration - plugging Answers to bug tracker Mantis
SendGrid – optimisation disposition - SendGrid data collected analysis and problem classification
‘Answers’ – now with oAuth - product update
Spam protection in Answers - some implementation ideas for spam protection in Startyco products
How do we use Jenkins - configs, problems, benefits
Linked Lists – Life scenarios – Part V - our analysis of linked lists, implementation and future plans

September 2013

Trial, free, paid SaaS users handling - We decided to show how we handle user registrations in Nerrvana.
UserVoice and StackExchange inside phpBB - how to collect feedback (feature requests) and maintain Question/Answers with phpBB
Amicus SendGrid - moving SaaS application from SendGrid SMTP to API
Transactional email deadlock - problem SendGrid will not solve for you

May 2013

Tricky sorting technique in MySQL - how to order a disorder

April 2013

Grow file system on Fedora on VMWare - or things we love Unix for

March 2013

Blogging - how 'Marketing by sharing' works for us
‘Answers’ – questions & answers portal for your site - our first application you can try, buy and install on your server.

February 2013

Out of touch with the clouds - questions to answer before moving to clouds

October 2012

How Ideas are different from Answers - our second product - Ideas is simple and easily pluggable into your wep application as Answers.
Dashboard UI in Answers - admin's dashboard wireframe in Startyco and short description of its functionality.
Comments in Answers - comments (optional feature). Your users can clarify questions and answers. It will make your Answers more interactive.
Voting in Answers - voting functionality and UI design for Startyco Answers and Ideas

September 2012

XSS and HTML formatted text - how to store and display HTML text taking in account XSS
Install PHP 5.4.6 on IIS 7 to work with MS SQL 2008 - sharing own experience to save your time

August 2012

Sparklines galore - what is an optimal way to show a lot of charts on a web page

July 2012

Marketing by sharing - transcript of Jason Fried talk at ChicagoConvergence 2008 conference
Optimise? Optimise! - how we optimised Nerrvana's web pages

April 2012

How do we use Kayako – Part II - installed and configured but it was not easy

March 2012

CentOS 6 minimal install on VMware with kickstart - how to set quickly CentOS on a virtual machine with kickstart

February 2012

Writing beautiful HTML emails - keep CSS as close as possible to your content

October 2011

How do we use phpBB - some forum usage experience for communications inside team and with clients
How do we use Review Board - we started using code review tool and we like it

August 2011

Own web analytics for startups – Part VII - our plans changed, we start implementing it
How do we use Kayako – Part I - help desk system requirements

May 2011

Naming chronicles - history of naming our first product

April 2011

Assign dynamic IP to VM without DHCP - one original method we use to assign IP address to a virtual machine
How do we use dotProject - time & task management tool we use since 2004
David Heinemeier Hansson at Startup School 08 - with slides, transcript and subtitles (English version is a side effect of Russian version creation)
Sparklines – Part I - creating Edward Taftes' sparklines in PHP

January 2011

Our card - our business card photos
How do we use … - about dotProject, phpBB, Review Board and PHPUnderControl
Own web analytics for startups – Part VI - what we will collect and how. Session and cookies utilisation in our web analytics journey

November 2010

Web hospitality - visitors, demo and registered users - how their rights are distinguished in a web service
Own web analytics for startups – Part V - we talked about data analysis but we haven't forgotten about data collection. Next we bring in some important, from our point of view, analytics functionality - Events.
Own web analytics for startups – Part IV - define questions our web analytics must answer

October 2010

Own web analytics for startups – Part III - thinking about surrounding our product systems

September 2010

Own web analytics for startups – Part II - what are the web systems helping clients which are not a product itself
Ideal newsletter subscription page - if to build a newsletter service we will do it this way

August 2010

Own web analytics for startups – Part I - why do you need own web analytics? Bunch of thoughts which may save you some time.

June 2010

SLOS’s from inside – Life scenarios – Part IV - present and possible future data structure for lists
SLOSD and SLOSDW – Life scenarios – Part III - features a story how 'such things which explain some selected value some more' were added

May 2010

Wikipedia marketing for startups - idea and some thoughts about it. Have experience? Please share!
SLOSW – Life scenarios – Part II - about angry men, kind women and outcome of their visits
SLOS – Life scenarios – Part I - nonstandard look at simple list

February 2010

One more blog! Why? - answers question from post title