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Managing our products from the configuration file is possible but inconvenient, and we understand this. We decided not to include it in our first release and concentrated on the creation of the install script’s UI instead. But we, at Deep Shift Labs, already started discussing the appearance of the dashboard, and what functionalities it will include.

No doubts it will be a single interface for all Startyco products our clients will buy and plug to the same core product. This is our goal; to create pluggable web apps with a single dashboard to manage them all.

For now we do not have many features (and we do not rush to implement them all), and this is how dashboard can look like to administer users:

Startyco Admin's Dashboard - Users

We think this would be a better way to share permissions rather than manipulate user IDs from the database and edit a configuration file.

Here is a wireframe of the spam protection part of our dashboard which shows messages which were suspected as spam by, for example, SpamAssassin. You will decide how Startyco products will react, post them, and notify you or delay posting and notify. You will be able to ban and train your own instance of SpamAssassin to make it smarter.

Startyco Admin's Dashboard - Spam

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