How Ideas are different from Answers

In our new product – Ideas, users will be able to vote for a published idea only. In Answers we called responses – answers; in Ideas we call responses – comments. Users can comment on an original idea to improve or discuss things with the idea’s contributor. Also users can like/dislike other users’ comments or reply to other users comments (see below).

Startyco Ideas

If Answers is a modern implementation of FAQ, where your users can ask questions and get answers, Ideas is your public roadmap channel, where you and your users can collaborate on your product’s or service’s future.

Administrators of your Ideas portal will be able to create idea statuses like – rejected, in development, implemented etc. and maintain your Ideas portal in an up to date state with them.

All planned new features – WYSIWYG, spam protection, mobile version, widget, oAuth authorization will be added simultaneously to Answers and Ideas.

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