Voting in Answers

We are adding a voting feature in the next Answers release. Users will be able to vote for questions (for example, ‘I also have this question’ or ‘this question does not make any sense’) and answers. You will be able to turn on voting by setting it in the configuration file. You can allow voting for questions only, for answers only, both, or none.

We thought it will be quite important to be able to show up and down votes split. To keep the UI simple you will be able to see it when you hover your mouse over voting arrows or score. It makes sense to show a votes split when there are a few votes in different directions which also means it has to be at least two votes. Maybe we will show votes spit without hover when an answer’s score is 0 with equal amount of votes up and down (‘controversial answer’, I would say).

Voting UI in Answers and Ideas

To let users see what they have voted for, and how they voted; this info will also be displayed. Here are some options I offered guys to look at and comment.

My votes UI in Answers and Ideas

In our next product – ‘Ideas’, voting is essential and can’t be switched off. In here users leave feedback and voting will be only possible for an idea itself but not comments users will be able to leave to improve, clarify and criticize the idea. In here voting will have additional simple analytics you will be able to pre-configure and enjoy using. Once done, you and your team will be able to see the distribution of votes between, for example, guests, staff, demo users and paying clients. Hope you agree with us that an idea to add a feature with 20 votes from paying clients of yours requires more thought and attention than idea with 30 votes up from demo users and 10 votes down from your existing paying customers.

This is how it may look like:

Voting analytics in Ideas


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