WordPress and Answers integration

WordPress and Answers integration

We have been working on Starty.co Answers for quite a while, and we cannot stop adding new features and hone existing ones.
Finally we decided to release the first version of Answers without such a convenient thing as text markup, like BBCode. However, we did some preparatory work in this area and decided that in the near future it will include the TinyMCE WYSYWIG and Highlight.js module to highlight code snippets.

Even though we decided not to include a full markup in version one, it was necessary to implement the basic things – to replace the line breaks with <br> and parse http(s):// links in the text and replace them with <a href=”"></a>.
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Mantis and Answers integration

Mantis and Answers integration

We have been working on Starty.co Answers for quite a while, and we cannot stop adding new features and hone existing ones.
Finally we decided to release the first version of Answers without such a convenient thing as text markup, like BBCode. However, we did some preparatory work in this area and decided that in the near future it will include the TinyMCE WYSYWIG and Highlight.js module to highlight code snippets.

Even though we decided not to include a full markup in version one, it was necessary to implement the basic things – to replace the line breaks with <br> and parse http(s):// links in the text and replace them with <a href=”"></a>.
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Learning from Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are important partners when you’re buying or selling a home. They can help you find the right home with the right price. Real estate agents can also help to identify the right property for you, as you’ll probably be negotiating with different agents with varying degrees of expertise and experience, and there are even real estate agents that help you refinance a home, and you can find from sites such as https://reali.com/loan-refinance/.

What You Can Learn from Real Estate Agents

You can learn a great deal from your real estate agent. You can learn about:

What house you should buy, why and when

What car you should buy, how much and where you should buy it

What kind of house to buy, whether for yourself or someone else

How to get a home loan or how to put your home on the market

How to make a deal work

As well as those learnings, they can also provide valuable advice about selling your home and arranging a retirement property. You’ll also learn about the differences between tax treaties, state-based property transfer taxes and the investment tax credits, the estate tax and other important laws.

How to Set Up a Real Estate Agent Business in Wisconsin

If you want to start your own real estate business, you can use one of these state-specific services:

Wisconsin has a Real Estate Brokers Act, which allows individuals and businesses to operate as real estate brokers without a license. You can start a business, even if you don’t have any real estate experience, as long as you use your personal name and you register with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). Your first $100,000 investment is tax-free, as long as you trade stocks and bonds. Learn more about the agency with the best rates.

Find out which laws you will need to be aware of and adhere to, and then establish your own brand. We’ll walk you through a list of key real estate transactions and then take a look at the tax implications for each of them. You’ll learn why you can and cannot sell the home you buy.

After taking the courses, you can establish a company if you wish, or continue to operate as a sole proprietor. You will need to work with an experienced sales professional to find customers and run a business.

Our Wisconsin State Real Estate Courses

All of our courses are delivered from a real estate perspective. You’ll learn about the law and regulations governing the sale and leasing of your property, and you’ll earn points for completing each of the modules. You can even earn credit towards the Milwaukee County Bar Exam.

Try These Top Real Estate Courses in Wisconsin

Find a Professional Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming The Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (ARET) Real Estate Insurance Association of America (RETA).

UserVoice and StackExchange inside phpBB

UserVoice and StackExchange inside phpBB

In one of our posts from “Own web analytics for startups” series, we mentioned that we are going to implement Questions & Answers, and Ideas/Feedback functionality inside an open source forum – phpBB.

It’s time to share the recipe. I must say that in the end we decided not use this solution for a number of reasons, but perhaps someone will find it useful.

I will start with the Questions/Answers functionality (StackExchange analog). It was quite easy to implement it in phpBB. We took the mod Topic Solved version 1.4.4 as a basis. It used the same images to mark the post as an answer and the whole topic as answered. The topic is a question in this case. This is how answered question looks like in forum view:
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Amicus SendGrid

In total controlAs Igor mentioned in the previous post, we have recently started working with the team of a popular freemium service, which is a project management system. This service generates quite a lot of emails, actually thousands a day. These are all kinds of notifications to users about the changes that took place and the daily due/overdue reminders for tasks. Users can also update the system by replying to a received email. As the number of users grows, we noticed that our SendGrid bills rise accordingly. For a freemium service, we naturally would like to minimize them. We also wanted to understand how effectively we send emails to make sure we do not send thm nowhere, paying SendGrid for delivery.

We have found ourselves doing detective work more frequently, resolving mysteries of someone not getting notifications from our system or someone responding to a received email from us but not seeing their update in the system. Thus, the second problem was our inability to deal effectively with user problems related to email delivery. We had to constantly search and compare our own database and SendGrid’s reports and activity logs. Though it took a lot of time, it often did not give any results. After sending an email via smtp we have not had any connection between records in our database, and the result on the side of SendGrid.

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Transactional email deadlock

Transactional email deadlock

Today I would like to tell you about one real story about email delivery and SendGrid. In the process of investigating its root causes, I had to talk to SendGrid’s customer service and the problem in general has not been solved, but we have a plan. I also hope that someone from the readers is having similar problems and will be able to help answer the questions at the end of this post. For those who are only going to use systems marketing themselves as transactional email (SendGrid, MailGun, Mandrill), I hope this post will help you understand what problems they help to solve, and what type of problems they don’t, and whether or not to use such systems in general. Its by far the most important marketing resource i’ve found.

Since last year, we have been developing and supporting one big SaaS project management system using a freemium model with development teams located in the United States, Australia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. SendGrid is used to send and receive emails. It is obvious what kind of notifications such a system will send – registration, email confirmation, password recovery, but mostly they are update notifications from users – a new comment is posted, a task is due and so on and so forth. I have to say that we have had some experience with SendGrid. When we added the functional monitoring feature to Nerrvana (link) we started using SendGrid, but the amount of emails sent by us immeasurably small compared to our project management system, and so here, we first encountered problems with its use.

So what was the deal?
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Tricky sorting technique in MySQL

Recently, I faced an interesting challenge and I want to share my solution with the readers using a simple example. Suppose we have a list of TODO items. Each entry in the list may have a due date, the priority and creation date.

Now, suppose that you need to get the records from the database, sorted this way – first, show records with due date in ascending order, second, show records with no due date ordered by priority from higher to lower, and finally, show records that do not have due date and priority and sort them by date created. The first thing that comes to mind is to write this query:

SELECT * FROM todo WHERE ... ORDER BY due_date asc, priority desc, create_date asc

It would seem that’s all, the problem is solved, but there’s a catch – the first field (due_date) is not compulsory and that’s what we get as a result of this query:

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Background checks Employers use

There are many reasons for employers to conduct background checks. In addition to criminal records, the U.S. Government has identified certain employment characteristics as disqualifying grounds, such as convictions for any form of violent crime, including sexual assault, domestic violence, drug offenses, alcohol-related convictions, and driving under the influence. Also, under federal law, certain occupations may be prohibited to some individuals because of criminal convictions. In addition, some employers conduct criminal background checks when they interview applicants, while others also get professional services of background check services which are necessary for certain employers.

Employers are required to conduct criminal background checks through the Department of Labor and may conduct such checks regardless of whether the applicant is hired or not.

Many individuals are unaware of the consequences of hiring, firing, or refusing to hire an applicant for any reason. If you are hiring or hiring someone, contact your employer’s HR department or employment office. You can find information about employment policies and procedures on your company’s website.
A criminal conviction, arrest, or other form of exclusion may affect an individual’s ability to get or keep an employer-sponsored job.

If you work in public service, such as public transit or emergency medical service, you are not covered by the law. If you work in any private sector job where there is a public benefit program, such as unemployment insurance, you may be covered by the law.

Other Laws Affecting Disability

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. Under the ADA, if an employer does not provide a reasonable accommodation, an employee or an applicant will have to be retrained, retrainees will be paid as if they were not disabled, and some benefits may be denied or reduced. The most common type of disability is a mental or emotional disability. The following are some of the other laws that may affect your workplace situation.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Disability discrimination is prohibited under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

For questions about these laws, contact EEOC or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) regional offices.

Mental and Emotional Disabilities

Your job may not be safe if you have a mental or emotional disability. There are certain legal requirements that may help protect your job.

Employers are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. It is not required that you be able to request these accommodations, but they may help you to be more effective. For example, you may be asked to perform one or more tasks that would otherwise be outside your area of expertise. This might be to allow your co-worker to be more effective in a specific area of your workplace or to ensure that your boss is making the appropriate decisions. To request a reasonable accommodation, you may want to review the rules and regulations that apply to your workplace or job and ask if there are any regulations that might apply to your request. For more information on reasonable accommodation, see the Ontario Human Rights Code. If your request is not granted, it may mean that you have to relocate and be absent from your workplace. Contact the Employment Standards Division (EHD) at 1-866-864-8060 for more information on your rights, including how to file a complaint. For more information about employment standards in your area, see the Alberta Employment


Some time ago we translated to Russian ‘Marketing by sharing’ talk by Jason Fried at ChicagoConvergence 2009 conference. Today we would like to share how it works for us so far. These are the stats for our two blogs only – Selenium and Development. Stats for Nerrvana and Startyco are not included.
Marketing by sharing - how it worked for us

‘Answers’ – questions & answers portal for your site

'Answers' - questions & answers portal for your site

Most of all we would not want to turn the Answers announcement into advertising. Instead, we decided to share our thoughts about two kinds of software – subscription based and the one you can pay for once and own, and specifically about web applications. As a rule, web apps are not to be for personal use, and to work in peer groups, like school teachers, employees, software developers. Then we actually explain how and why an idea was born to create some downloadable web applications. You don’t think we made Answers just because we didn’t want to use existing SaaS? Excellent! Then tune in to the philosophical mood (pipe, rocking chairs, a fireplace, and Sherlock Holmes nearby are highly recommended).

Because the whole internet world creates web services with monthly subscriptions (with some variations) and sells these services for a lot of money to the end user, we, at Deep Shift Labs, believe that there are still fans out there who like the concept of buying and owning a piece of software. System administrators are not yet extinct, they are the heroes, who are able to maintain the server software without spending hours on it, because they are professionals in their field and as a result are efficient and valuable.
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