Deep Shift Labs is a small web applications development company that was founded in 2002 in Sydney, Australia. From 2013 we are part of Freedcamp.

We are team of four people residing in all four hemispheres across three continents. Our distributed office approach enables our company to provide 24 hours a day service and support for any customer, anywhere in the world.

Primarily we develop complex and custom web applications and services using PHP and JavaScript technologies on both UNIX and Windows platforms.

Deep Shift Labs started life in 2002 to develop and deliver a web services project for Amity Group (now Bupa Care Services Australia). The applications associated with the initial project have been in production since then, and have successfully evolved with the growing needs of a growing company. After eleven years, and iterative project stages, the project continues today with the active codebase now exceeding over one million lines of code.

We are deliberately moving from a professional services type of business to a product based one.

Starting in mid 2008 we have been working on our fisrt product - Nerrvana which is bootstrapped. It is available for private beta testing now and was born to satisfy our dreams to run Selenium tests in a cloud.

We have also created our second product - Answers, which is the first in Startyco family of downloadable and pluggable web applications for start-ups and small teams. Tired of integration with another SaaS provider? Want to own software, data and have it in the same database to slice and dice? We are on the same page with you.

You can easily reach us by email or follow us @deepshiftlabs, @nerrvana, @startyco. We use Twitter as a progress notes tape.
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